turbotax refund anticipation loan

turbotax refund anticipation loan

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Refund Anticipation Loans Generally A Ripoff

Two weeks - that's what you get for your money when you agree to sign on for a tax refund anticipation loan (RAL). What does your tax preparer get? Once the fees are tallied, this two-week loan, oh so generously offered, often works out to better than a 100% annual percentage rate in the lender's favor. And you thought the interest rate on your credit card was bad!

When you break down the numbers, it's a wonder that anyone agrees to take on a refund anticipation loan, yet in 2008, more than 8 million taxpayers took out such loans, according to the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC). In this article we'll take a hard look at these loans so that you have the information you need to decide whether they're worth the price you pay. (For insight on constructive ways to spend your refund, read Don't Waste Your Tax Refund.)

If you have your taxes prepared by any of the big tax preparation services, like H&R Block (NYSE:HRB) or Jackson Hewitt (NYSE:JTX) - or even many of the smaller tax preparation services - you will probably be offered an RAL. To get the loan, you'll be asked to pay a loan origination fee in addition to your electronic filing fee. If you choose to accept such a loan, you'll receive a check immediately for the total amount of your refund, minus the loan origination fee and other fees associated with preparing both your tax return and your RAL. From the taxpayer's point of view, that's all there is to getting a tax refund anticipation loan. You don't have to pay back your loan or take care of any future paperwork. Instead, you sign a form that allows your tax preparer to receive your refund check. Then, your tax preparer cashes the check and keeps it to cover your loan.

Because the loan is so short-lived, the cost of the loan often outweighs its usefulness. According to a report from GeorgetownUniversity's CreditResearchCenter, the actual APR of many tax refund loans is more than 100%. (What's APR? Read APR Vs. APY: How The Distinction Affects You.)

As a less-expensive alternative, you could adjust your W-4 form with your employer to reduce withholding from your paycheck; you'll have a smaller tax refund, but more money available to you in each paycheck. Furthermore, this option has no fees associated with it. (Still confused by your taxes? Check out our Income Tax Guide.)

The Preparer's Point Of View

These loans are made possible by electronic filing: when a tax preparer submits your income tax return electronically, he or she receives confirmation within 24 hours that your tax return is error free. RALs are a good deal for tax preparers because there is a very good chance that the loan will be repaid in full. While tax preparers argue that the 24-hour waiting period represents a risk on their part, there is practically no chance of a tax preparer losing money if he or she has correctly prepared your tax return. In light of this, these loans aren't the best deal for taxpayers, especially those who can afford to wait the two weeks that is usually required to receive a federal tax refund from an electronically filed return. (To avoid needing a RAL, find out how to make your own emergency fund in Build Yourself An Emergency Fund and Are You Living Too Close To The Edge?)

There are other continuing ethical concerns with RALs as well. Tax preparers can inflate expected tax returns to improve their profits: while this procedure is unethical, the gamble can sometimes be worthwhile. These tax preparers essentially bet that the IRS will not catch the changes made to their clients' tax returns and charge higher fees to make a profit.

The Future of Instant Refunds

In the meantime, tax refund anticipation loans are widely available. Supporters of RALs describe them as a useful way of handling unexpected medical expenses, overdue credit bills and other expenses. However, the short-term nature of these loans makes them problematic at best.

Looking for a Tax Refund Loan - eTaxLoan.com Has Got You Covered - Official Tax Refund Loan Website

Tax Refund Loans are avaialable right now - just Apply Now Above to get started and receive an approval within 90 seconds of completing your application and get funds deposited into your bank account today and available for you to spend by the next banking day. For security reasons, your never asked for copies of your tax return, so you can apply even before you file your taxes. Apply with confidance!

No matter if its tax time or you filed an extension, it can be difficult to wait for the tax refund you are owed, especially if you are already in financial distress. This is why we want to help you get the cash you need and get it fast. You can look elsewhere - but we've got you covered. Here you will find that we provide more than just a standard income tax loan service but also provide access to tax return installment loans, 1 hour tax return loans and line of credit tax loans. Start the process right now, where it says "Apply Now!" or "Get Cash Now!" above and you'll be glad you did.

Once you submit the application you just wait about 90 seconds while the application is processed and approved. Once approved you will be redirected to the loan document which will clearly show the loan rate and terms for which you were approved. If you're satisfied with the tax refund loan rate and terms as provided then simply follow the instructions for providing your electronic signature and you're done. If by some chance you're not satisfied with the terms or cost of the loan then simply close your browser and it costs you nothing.

Does eTax Loan file my taxes, too?

No, but we do get you cash fast by providing tax refund loans / refund anticipation loans. To be clear; we do not file your taxes for you. Our goal at eTax Loan is to get you the money you need and get it to you as fast as possible. With our loans there is no paperwork or office visits required, in fact, you can complete the entire process from the comfort of your own home on your computer or even your cell phone. *** More Great News *** It is not necessary to file your taxes before you apply for an income tax loan with us, but we do advise that you file as quickly as possible to avoid additional fees and to ensure timely repayment of your Tax Refund Loan.

We are not a tax preparation service we still want you to get your taxes filed quickly so you have the money available to repay your Tax Refund Loan as soon as possible therefore we recommend you find a tax preparation service in your area to assist you with filing your taxes. Since we don't ask for or even need copies of your tax returns to qualify you for a loan, you can apply here and now for a tax refund loan either before or after you file your taxes. It's your choice! Start your appliction here and now and get a super fast Tax Refund Loan.

What should I know about Tax Refund Loans?

The most important thing you should know is that we work hard to ensure your tax refund loan is processed in a timely manner. Applying is simple - all you need is your computer, a few minutes, and perhaps a cup of coffee. Our application process is also simple and can be completed in as little two minutes with an approval within seconds!

No worries about your application being sent to different lenders as we have direct lenders available 24 hours, 7 days a week to help process your request. Once you're approved, you sign your loan document and you are all set! Your income tax loan will be deposited directly into your checking accout by the next business morning. If you are in a rush, you can get a tax anticipation refund loan in as little as 1 hour with our 1 hour income tax loans, talk about fast!

I Need More Time to Repay a Tax Refund Loan!

We understand that sometimes, you just need more time to repay your tax refund loan, and that's okay! We have lenders that are available that can provide you with tax return installment loans and line of credit tax refund loans as well.

It may not be possible to pay the entire lump sum back in one payment, we understand that. With a Tax Return installment loan, you will be able to work out a payment plan that fits your budget.

We understand that you might not be sure if you need all of the cash at once, nor do you want the responsibility of paying it back all at once. This is why we offer line of credit to our customers as one of our services. A line of credit tax refund loan allows you to qualify for a certain amount and draw on the cash when you need it most. You can use the line of credit option for flexibility of using the cash when you need it and paying it back with an established payment plan.

Don't let your tax refund be delayed, choose to work with us here at eTaxLoan.com and get the solutions you need with a payment plan that fits your wallet - after all, we did write the book on tax refund loans!

Important Note: You will not be asked for a copy of your tax return, because we base the amount of your tax return loan on your income. Our tax return loans are provided as a means of helping you with a short-term financing opportunity and should not be used as a long-term option. Before entering into this type of loan, it is advised that you speak with an appropriate professional.

We are not the broker or the lender. The operators of this website do not issue the loans directly to you. We are not brokers, lenders, representatives or agents thereof and are only here to provide a service. Tax refund loans and credit decisions are not made by us. Instead, your information is collected and sent to the appropriate lending agency, or broker who will then secure the loan. We do not issue financial terms – the lender is responsible for this and thus, all questions or concerns should be addressed directly to the lender. Lenders do not typically seek your credit report through the three major reporting bureaus: Trans Union, Equifax or Experian. However, lenders may seek reports from alternative providers upon their sole discretion.

Limitations – you should not expect that all lenders will be able to provide you with up to $1,000, especially if this is your first loan. The amount you receive is often dependent upon several factors including the state in which you live as well as the information that is provided to the lender. There is no implied guarantee in that upon applying for a tax refund loan through website that you will be approved. The amount of time it takes to receive your funds is dependent on your lender and your financial institution. Faxing may be required in certain instances. Tax refund loans and alternatives thereof are not available in all states. The states that are indicated on this website may change at any time without any further notice to the consumer. Services and offers are void where they are prohibited.

We do not make any endorsements. The owners of this site are purely marketers who are, in turn, compensated for services as we have described in our marketing disclosure. As thus, we do not recommend or endorse any of the services that are advertised through or on this website.

Welcome to Tax Refund Loans, the home of the most trusted source for tax rebate cash advances during financial emergencies even for people with bad credit as no hard credit check is preformed. If you are wondering, “can i get a loan against my tax refund”, the answer is Yes! However the most important thing is to always remember that these tax rebate loans should only be used for short-term financial emergencies as a last resort, or when you need money at that time, but you have made sure to have created a plan to pay it back on time. At the same time you should definitely be working on a long-term financial rebuilding plan to make sure you don’t run into financial problems in the future. At Tax Refund Loans, the leader in tax refund cash advance emergency loans, we offer great advice for this in our Education Section! Before getting a cash advance, using your tax refund as the collateral or source of future income, you should always first ask friends or family to help you during a financial emergency. If this doesn’t work out, then getting a tax refund anticipation loan can help you as a last resort for financial help. The tax return loans from the direct lenders that Tax Refund Loans work with, are always here to help you! With our lenders offering guaranteed same day cash deposits & instant decision on approval when applying for a cash advance on an income tax refund, anyone can apply and be approved, even people with bad credit! So get your tax return when you need it, because it is your money, and you should be able to get, and use it when you need to! Never again will you have to stress about financial problems as much as you would, knowing you have Tax Refund Loans is there to help as a last resort whenever you need help! So when you do need to use Tax Refund Loans, which is borrowing money on your future income using your tax refund as proof of future income, you should always education yourself about the responsibility of getting fast income tax advances online, before you actually do apply for same day tax refund loans!

Learning About Refund Anticipation Loans Online

Learn what a fast tax return loan with same day deposit truly is, and how to get up to $35,000 instantly by using our simple application online, which only takes minutes to complete. So before you waiting for the money that is delayed or typically very late, get your tax return now, the same day you apply for an advance on your tax refund! Waiting for this money based on your tax rebate to come in the mail is a thing in the past, read our educational resources below start, and then apply for our trusted top rated income tax anticipation loans, and get cash the same day. Our technology is an amazing tool that has helped many people financially. So when it comes tax time, and you need your tax return, remember the people at Tax Refund Loans are here to help you get the money that is yours, when you need it!

How can i get a loan on my tax refund?

Below are the different sections of the site you should go to, to get started with getting a loan using your tax refund. Below this though is additional information about getting a guaranteed refund anticipation loan. As the leader in tax refund anticipation loans online, we have helped thousands of people get tax refund cash advance emergency loans, as a last resort or when they need financial help and have no where else to turn! Remember that you can get a refund anticipation loan bad credit even with poor credit, just make sure you educate yourself about getting a loan online first, and then apply!

Instant Tax Refund Loans Same Day Cash Advances

Tax Refund Loans is the fast way to get a cash advance online based on your tax refund. This type of product can also be called tax refund cash advance or refund anticipation loans. In any case this is a loan based on income you will be receiving. Our service can get you up to $35,000 the same day with our tax refund advances on-line.

At Tax Refund Loans we offer the best service, support, and technology to help make getting a tax refund cash advance as easy & as fast as possible even if you have bad or no credit. Why? Because we are here to help during a financial emergency as your last resort! That is why we offer advice to help with long-term financial success, and in the short-term offer income tax advance even if you have bad credit, with instant approvals, no hard credit checks, no employment verification, on all of our instant tax refund loans & cash advances even if you have bad credit! Also, we have now been rated the top service provider offast tax refund advances in the nation due to our wonderful team bringing you the latest technology, security, and advice online about income tax loans & online same day loans.

Whatever you need the money for, Tax Refund Loans can help get you it with a tax refund advance fast! With our quick refund anticipation loan program all you need to do is apply for the instant decision refund cash advance online using our simple refund anticipation loan application, and you can find cash deposited into your account in as quick as a few hours, and sometimes even the same day, with no employment verification and for everyone, even people with bad or poor credit! It has never been easier to get an income tax loan with a guaranteed instant decision. To get it the same day you should apply for it as easily as possible that day, before the cutoff period, which is typically by the end of the morning. If you do so, you can get a tax return cash advance loan the same day you applied for it! So remember to apply for your tax refund advance as early as possible to get an instant tax refund loan that day from the leader in helping you get an early tax return!

However, before applying for this instant income tax advance loan, we recommend that you do research about refund cash advances & online loans in our refund loan education center below. We offer detailed advice on how to plan & budget your finances for getting a quick income tax refund anticipation cash advance online. This is the best step to insure no future financial problems arise from getting an income tax loan & that you overcome your financial problems as our tax rebate loans are temporary short-term financial fixes!

What is a tax refund anticipation loan?

A tax refund anticipation loan is a cash advance based on future income you will be receiving. In this case, it is your tax refund that is used as the future income you will be receiving, that allows you to get such a loan. Tax refund anticipation loans have large fees, and should only be used during financial emergencies as a last resort. With these fast cash advances online, you borrow cash that is deposited into your account in as little as a few hours the same day, and then repay it back after a period of time for a small fee. This is what our quick tax refund loans are almost exactly like!

Why should I get a refund anticipation loan?

If you need cash right away and have income coming in, you can get a Tax Refund Cash Advance. Use your refund anticipation loan during financial problem to help in the short-term only!

What is the repayment schedule look like for a income tax refund anticipation loan online?

Repay the loan when you get your next check. That way your fee is lowest!

How easy is it really to get an instant tax rebate cash advance loan?

It is very easy to get a tax refund cash advance loan online. Just apply and get an instant decision on your loan, with cash being deposited into your account in as little as the same day! There are never any detailed checking of your information, for example there are no employment verification calls to your employer when getting an instant tax refund loan!

Additional Instant Tax Refund Loan Education & Bad Credit Cash Advance Advice

Our Tax Refund Loan Process is Very Easy. First however, you should educate yourself about tax refund advances & cash advances online in general, from our education section.

Learn about your tax refunds though our tax refund guide. Then Learn all About the Financials & Repayment Terms of Cash Advances. Being educated before getting a loan is very important to be a responsible borrower and help to make sure you never get in deep financial problems.

Tax Refund Loans is the leader in providing refund anticipation cash advances to people of all credit scores. Even if you have bad credit we can help. Even if you have no credit at all we can help. All it takes is a few minutes to apply to see if you have been approved for a loan through our instant approval process technology.

Tax Refund Loans leads the way in providing the best technology to our clients. We pride ourselves in helping make the customer experience the best possible, so that customers will refer our service to their friends and family if they ever get in a financial bind. Contact Us with any questions or apply today if you need fast cash directly into your account through a tax refund cash advance loan online!

Learn more about a Tax Refund Loan Online & Get Started in our Getting Started & Education Section

Video: How to Get Your Tax Rebate the Same Day That It Is Filed!

Learn how to get income tax loans same day cash online through our wonderful & eye dropping video about the fastest tax return loan. Our team is dedicated to providing the best income tax loan education to our consumers, to help them with any financial problem! Visit Getting Started to be educated about everything you should do, and everything you should know, before getting tax return loans. Make sure that you educate yourself always before getting an instant income tax return loan online, or any loan online for that matter.

Get a Fast Tax Return Advance Now! It only takes a few minutes to apply for a tax return loan & only an instance to get a decision on your income tax refund anticipation loans. You can easily get an income tax refund advance with the cash deposited directly into your account the same day during a financial emergency from Tax Refund Loans! Before getting a fast tax refund loan, and getting your tax refund early you should educate yourself about the financial responsibilities of getting a early tax refund loan or cash advance, and everything that financial responsibility comes with! Then apply for your early income tax advance, and take all the information you learned about being financially responsible, and apply it to all financial aspects of your life to achieve long-term financial success!

does turbo tax have a refund anticipation loan

IRS is saying that Turbo Tax filed my return with an anticipation loan, we did not file this way. I need it cleared up so I can get my refund!

Why do you want to report this?

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TurboTax does Not have Refund Anticipation Loans. What you are probably seeing is the refund being sent to the third party processor for deducting your TurboTax account fees and the Refund Processing Service fee for when you requested to have your TurboTax account fees deducted from your Federal tax refund.

You can contact the third party processor, Santa Barbara Tax Products Group for the status of your refund. Go to the following website for the Tax Products Group - https://cisc.sbtpg.com/contact.aspx

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