turbotax customer service phone number

turbotax customer service phone number

Turbotax Customer Service Phone Number

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Turbotax Customer Service Phone Number : 1-866-888-2402

The following page has got all the customer service details that you need for TurboTax. This page has all the details and important numbers about TurboTax customer service, phone number, customer support number of live person, toll free helpline, E-mail address, social media profiles, and corporate office address. These details will assist you in redressing your complaints and queries related to TurboTax.

In this page, you will find everything that you need as a TurboTax customer. All the complaints and queries redressals can be made through the mentioned and given platforms and sources.

About TurboTax : TurboTax is an American tax software company that was founded in 1980. This company Intuit Consumer Tax Group headquarters are located in Mountain View, California, United States. It provides with income tax preparation software to people to easily compute and file their taxes.

TurboTax provides many services to their customers like, estimated tax calculator, Income tax payment, paying tax payment,auto paying tax payment among many more. If you are a TurboTax customer and would like to know information about turbotax free edition and services just make a call to customer service number department using following TurboTax customer service phone number to talk to a live person and other toll free helpline numbers as well.

TurboTax Customer Service Number & Phone Number

Customer Support Number: +1-866-888-2402

After calling on this number, you’ll listen to an automated voice that’d say: Thank you for calling TurboTax. We will assist you in connecting to the best experts to answer your question.

  • To get information related to purchasing TurboTax or to check on the status of an order, press 1.
  • Your call will then be transferred to a customer support executive after you hear a disclaimer that’d say: This call might be recorded for quality and training purposes.
  • For information on TurboTax, to find your return or if you have a question about downloading or installing, please press 2.
  • This will take you to a customer service executive, who will then answer your queries
  • For all other concerns, press 3

TurboTax Advantage Support Phone Number: +1-800-414-5644

(Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT)

After calling on this number, you’ll listen to an automated voice that’d say: Thank you for calling TurboTax. We will assist you in connecting to the best experts to answer your question.

  • For any information, kindly keep your account number and zipcode ready
  • Your account number can be found on the letter that you must have received in the mail.
  • Kindly enter your account number followed by the pound sign. If your account number contains a letter such as S press the corresponding number on your phone. For S press seven, for U press eight and for H press four.

Office Address : 2700 Coast Ave

TurboTax is tax preparation software and an online self-service tax preparation service. TurboTax was purchased by Intuit in 1993 and now offers a suite of tax and accounting related software solutions. TurboTax offers support by way of toll-free phone number and email.

  • How to reach a live person:
    • Keep pressing "#9quot; when they request social security number. Took me 2 or 3 times before their system gave up and placed me in the queue to speak to a customer service rep.
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Mon-Sun: 5am-9pm PT
  • Email:
    • This information has not been added.
      • How to reach a live person:
        • You must have an incident ID number to call this phone number
      • Hours of Operation:
        • This information has not been added.
          • How to reach a live person:
            • Press 1
          • Hours of Operation:
            • This information has not been added.

              I have completed all my turbo taxes for all years i was supose to file me Jason head of house hold and plus 2 independents and o also have a w2 form and it seems like i cannot finish the online application correctly please help me please

              Says number not available to help and Sends you to online

              I need a copy of my 2015 taxes. I have been trying, for over 1 week, to reset my password without any luck.

              I would not and will not use Turbo Tax again. I have tried for several hours to contact a live breathing person and simply get caught into their maze of automatic responses.

              I'm trying to figure out when my refunds come and it's telling me to start over when I have already file

              Based on 551 votes.

              Have a TurboTax question? Get immediate TurboTax support from HelpOwl.com.

              Have an idea for TurboTax? Submit, rate and comment on TurboTax ideas by visiting IdeaIncite.com.

              TurboTax customer service news

              It's tax time again, where many fight sloth and memory lapses until mid-April, when procrastinating is no longer an option. Whether you get them sorted early or wait until the last minute, Intuit's TurboTax is always there to make the process fast .

              The TurboTax commercial featuring Humpty Dumpty in the hospital is definitely one of the funniest ones we have seen so far during the 2017 Super Bowl and you can watch the spot right here! The commercial features Humpty in the hospital after falling .

              We always know the tax deadline's looming (it's April 18th, by the way), but many of us still procrastinate until the last moment, scrambling to the nearest tax professional. Luckily, Intuit's TurboTax for desktop and mobile can help you file your own .

              Listings for companies similar to TurboTax:

              My Tablet fell off my hand and the screen got broken but it was still okay hot knowing that the part broken is not operating any longer. what should i.

              on 3/28 at 6:32AM RCA

              Paid almost 3K for a refrigerator that is older and no longer under warranty. The water/ice dispenser stopped working so had a technician come out fro.

              I called this number because my account would say invalid ID or password. My security questions were even different from my own. After being on hold f.

              on 9/15 at 1:26PM | Yahoo

              Thank you for these telephone numbers! After two days of trying to install Kaspersky onto my Kindle Fire, Hector in customer service said not compatib.

              Turbotax customer service number | Call 1-855-785-2511 | Intuit Turbotax software support

              TurboTax Support Number, Intuit TurboTax Help Center

              TurboTax technical support for Turbotax users, we support for TurboTax different versions including Turbotax Deluxe, Turbotax Premier etc. Step by Step solution for taxpayers, additional support providing with expert technicians, Software Installation, re-installation and uninstall. The issue with product activation and deactivation.

              Get troubleshooting tips for Turbotax on Windows, installation, running issues, Turbotax Download Issues, Wireless setup, Turbotax Mobile app Setup Call TurboTax Support number.

              Troubleshoot Installing and Running Turbo-tax on Windows

              Every PC has its own exclusive combination of components, settings, applications, solutions, and users. Turbo-tax may set up and run perfectly on one PC, yet the initial application settings of another PC may cause disputes with set up, releasing, or operating.

              This content troubleshoots the more common causes of setup failures or mistakes when attempting to run a TurboTax item.

              We know your pc is already connected and turned on, so we’ll skip that step.

              To ensure TurboTax sets up and runs efficiently, please finish all of the following steps:

              • Make sure your PC meets the minimum program requirements.
              • Verify that you have manager rights on your pc and TurboTax is Running as Administrator:
              • Right-click the TurboTax symbol or setup symbol, pick Properties. In the Interface tab, examine the Run as Administrator box and then just click OK.
              • Check your TurboTax CD and pc’s CD generate if you’re setting up from the CD.
              • Clean up and defrag your difficult generate.
              • Run Ms Windows Upgrade to keep your program up-to-date.
              • Update your human body’s hardware drivers.
              • Update your protection application for firewall program, malware, and spyware protection.
              • Close all internet browser windows and applications before setting up.

              Less obvious issues you should know include:

              • You should not set up Turbo-tax on a detachable flash or thumb generate. Here’s why.
              • It’s important to create your firewall program and virus-detection application before setting up. (Remember to really ensure it is returning on after setup.)
              • Removing rarely used firewall program and virus-detection applications from your pc can help you avoid potential issues. Though obsolete and no longer used, they can still ruin a set up.

              Additional Problem solving (Installing)

              If your program still won’t set up, despite following the suggestions above, try each of the following steps:

              • Run the Ms Windows System Computer file Checker tool.
              • Install TurboTax from a different CD or DVD generate on your pc, if you’re setting up from the CD.
              • If you downloadable TurboTax, remove the downloadable file and obtain TurboTax again. Sometimes files get damaged during the obtaining process.
              • Install TurboTax on a different pc. If you can’t get it to put in on any pc, request a new CD.
              • Install TurboTax from your difficult generate.
              • Restart your PC in Particular Start-up Method (TurboTax 2008 or later) or Safe Method (TurboTax 2007 or earlier) and then set up TurboTax.

              Additional Problem solving (Starting or Running)

              If you were able to efficiently set up Turbo-tax, but it keeps failing when you run it, without giving any error messages, near Turbo-tax and then try this:

              • Download the newest Ms Windows updates, especially if Turbo-tax was operating fine before and only recently started acting up.
              • Download and set up the newest version of Coffee for your PC. Then, clear your Coffee storage cache.
              • Turn off innovative written text solutions (Windows XP only):
              1. Click Start > Management Board then double-click the Local and Terminology Options symbol.
              2. Make sure which English (United States).
              3. On the ‘languages’ tab, under Text solutions and input languages, just click Details.
              4. Under Choices, just click Terminology Bar.
              5. To convert written text solutions off, choose the Switch off innovative written text solutions examine the box.
              6. Click Yes if persuaded to confirm your selection.
              • Windows Installation software and .NET Structure Errors
              • Unable to Remove or Repair Turbo-tax via Management Panel
              • Unable to uninstall Turbo-tax from Ms windows seven, 8 or Vista

              TurboTax Customer Support | Call 1-855-785-2511

              Troubleshoot Turbo-tax for Ms Windows Download Issues

              If you can’t obtain your Turbo-tax for Ms Window program, follow all of the following actions, and then try installing again after finishing each one.

              Turbo-tax Advantage: Some Turbo-tax Benefits customers report that they don’t have the blue “download now” link in their account. You can easily work around this issue by clicking the description of the item in the Items Ordered line instead. Go here for a screenshot.

              If you efficiently downloadable your item or service but now you’re having trouble finding or setting it up, refer to the links at the end informed.

              • If your WiFi relationship is disturbed or isn’t working, you won’t be able to efficiently e-file, update, and/or obtain TurboTax.
              • For this reason, we recommend using a difficult wired, broadband experience with your TurboTax CD/Download application.
              • Here are a few issues you can do if you’re having difficulty e-filing, upgrading, or installing TurboTax on a WiFi connection:
              • (Recommended) Switch to a difficult wired relationship, if one is available.
              • Open a new Web internet browser session and try visiting websites that you haven’t visited for a while.
              • If you can’t access other websites, try restoring your Wi-Fi wireless router.
              • If you’re still having difficulty, energy downs your PC, your Wi-Fi router, and your device, in that order. Delay 60 seconds or two, then energy up your device. Delay another moment, then energy up your Wi-Fi router and then your PC.
              • Try connecting to the Online through your web internet browser. If you can’t, examine your Online relationship.
              • Make sure Online Explorer 6.0 SP2 or later is installed if you’re trying to obtain through Turbo Tax even if you use a different internet browser for obtaining the Online.
              • Temporarily convert off your firewall program and virus-detection application as well as any other program that joins to the Online, such as e-mail or web browsers.
              • Remember to create your protection application returning on after installing is complete!
              • Allow cookies and pop-up windows.
              • (Dial-ups) Turn off or convert off any obtain accelerators before installing.
              • Check your Wi-Fi router if you use one.
              • Did you uninstall McAfee software? A remaining McAfee file has been known to affect TurboTax downloading. Remove it by following the directions at the McAfee Web site.
              • Find your TurboTax for Ms windows application download
              • How do I obtain the application I purchased at TurboTax?

              If you’re having printing issues, we can help,

              First, create sure you can print out something from a different system.

              • Save and print out a PDF of your come back. Here’s how (This is applicable to a 2016 or prior year come back that you have completed).
              • Be sure to note the location/folder where you’ll preserve your PDF, for future reference or printing.
              • The PDF option allows for the easiest printing. You avoid any potential issues with your PC printer not communicating with the TurboTax system.
              • You can also print out from TurboTax. If that doesn’t work, continue below.
              • Select the form of TurboTax you are using below, and do as instructed.
              • If you’re using TurboTax Online on your personal pc, do as instructed below.
              • (If you’re using TurboTax Online on a cellular device/mobile web browser, here’s what to do.)
              • First, start your comeback (To do this, indication into TurboTax and click the lemon Take me to my comeback button.)
              • Many printing issues can be settled by installing the latest form of Adobe Reader (it’s free).
              • If that didn’t help, proceed to the problem-solving actions below.

              Follow these measures in the order given:

              1. See if you can print out something from a different system.
              2. Make sure your PC photo printers motorists and pc’s os are up-to-date.
              3. Make sure the PC printer you’re using is your standard PC printer.
              4. Remove all other gadgets (external or thumbs pushes, readers, etc.) which can sometimes affect photo printers.
              5. Shut your PC and PC printer down for 15-30 seconds, and then turn them back on.
              6. If your PC printer is on a network, try a direct connection to your personal PC printer using a cable.
              7. Sign in with a different web browser and/or try a different PC that has access to your personal pc printer.

              For problem-solving printing issues in the cellular app with your comeback start, see the situation that is applicable to you:

              1. Make sure you are using iOS native or Opera.(You can’t print out from iOS Chrome – you will get an error message and will either need to use iOS native or Opera or print out from your personal pc with printing abilities.)
              2. Open your return. (To do this, indication into the TurboTax cellular app and click the lemon Take me to my comeback button.)
              3. If you do as instructed for printing in the TurboTax cellular app and have a problem, see Apple – AirPrint.

              You can’t print out directly from an Android operating system – no matter what web browser is used. You’ll need to log out of your TurboTax account. We’ll preserve all of your information, and when you are ready to print out you can log in from your PC or another system with printing abilities and print out your tax come back.

              Many printing issues can be settled by installing the latest form of Adobe Reader (it’s free).

              If that didn’t help, proceed to the problem-solving actions below.

              1. Follow these measures in the order given:
              2. See if you can print out something from a different system.
              3. Make sure your PC photo printers motorists and pc’s OS are up-to-date.
              4. Make sure your TurboTax software is up-to-date.
              5. Make sure the PC printer you’re using is your standard PC printer.
              6. Remove all other gadgets (external or thumbs pushes, readers, etc.) which can sometimes affect photo printers.
              7. Shut your PC and PC printer down for 15-30 seconds, and then turn them back on.
              8. If your PC printer is on a network, try a direct connection to your personal PC printer using a cable.

              Customer Support & Contact: Toll Free Phone Number

              Below is the 1-800 number for TurboTax. When you call TurboTax for customer support help, you will get the menu options below.

              Call 1 (800) 446-8848

              • Welcome to Intuit
              • For TurboTax press 1
                • For assistance with TurboTax in the USA press 1
                  • Thanks for call TurboTax, your call maybe monitored and recorded
                  • Im an automated system, but you may talk to me in complete sentences and Ill get you to the right place
                  • If you have a support ID or case number, you can give it to me now.
                  • Otherwise, just tell me you dont have one
                  • Speaker: I dont have one
                  • How can I help you today?
                  • Speaker: customer service
                  • I understand that you want to speak to a specialist, but without knowing what you are calling about, I may not be able to help you.
                  • So please tell me your reason for calling today
                • For Canada press 2
              • For QuickBooks press 2
                • To place an order or if you have questions before you buy press 1
                • For status of an order you have already placed or questions about a charge to your account press 2
              • For Payroll press 3
                • If you are using online payroll including Intuit Online Payroll or Quickbooks Online Payroll press 1
                • For help or questions related to Intuit Basic, Standard, Enhanced or Assisted Payroll Services press 2
              • For ProSeries, Lacerte, EasyAct, or ProConnect Tax Online press 4
                • For ProSeries, press 1
                • For Lacerte, press 2
                • For EasyAct, press 3
                • For Proconnect, press 4
              • For checks, forms and supplies press 5
              • For payment solutions or merchant services, press 6
                • For faster service please enter one of the following:
                • Your business number including area code
                • Your case number
                • Or your 16 digit purchase account number followed by pound sign
              • For credit score press 7
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