ticker symbols for mutual funds

ticker symbols for mutual funds

A ticker symbol is an arrangement of characters (usually letters) representing a particular security listed on an exchange or otherwise traded publicly. When a company issues securities to the public marketplace, it selects an available ticker symbol for its securities that investors use to place trade orders. Every listed security has a unique ticker symbol, facilitating the vast array of trade orders that flow through the financial markets every day.

Stock symbols are the most recognized type of ticker symbol. Stocks listed and traded on U.S. exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) have ticker symbols with up to three letters. Nasdaq-listed stocks have four-letter ticker symbols.

Ticker symbols for options are structured to represent the underlying stock ticker they are based on and also their expiration date and contract type (either a put or a call option). Mutual fund ticker symbols are usually alphanumeric and end with the letter X to differentiate them from stock symbols.

The ticker symbol provides a unique identifier by which individual securities can be researched and traded. While the ticker symbol is most commonly an abbreviation of the associated company’s name, it is not a requirement; availability may prevent a company from selecting a symbol that easily translates to its name.

Ticker Symbols Followed by E or LF

When a ticker symbol is marked with the letter E on the Nasdaq Stock Market or an LF on the NYSE, this indicates the company associated with the stock has fallen behind on its reporting obligations to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The associated letters are added to the end of the company’s normal ticker symbol. Often, companies have a set grace period to then complete their reporting requirements. Once the requirement is met, the extra letters are removed. If the reporting requirement is not met before the end of the grace period, the security may be removed from trading.

The stock ticker is a listing, or character printer, of the current prices for selected securities, displayed in real time with a very limited delay. Due to the sheer volume of securities in existence, the stock ticker most commonly focuses on those that are trading in large quantities on the particular day and those that have experienced the most notable changes in price.

The stock ticker provides current information regarding particular market activity. The associated ticker symbol for a security is displayed, along with information regarding recent trade volume and information on current pricing.

How can I get the ticker symbols for mutual funds?

Franklin Rising Dividends Securities Fund

Franklin Income Securities Fund

AIM International Growth Fund

AMR Asset Allocation

Templeton Foreign Securities Fund

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2. search company name

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From this page you can search for current information on mutual funds.

For closed-end funds and for filings prior to February 6, 2006, click here.

Note: There may be a two hour delay from filing time of new fund names to viewing availability.

Ticker symbols for mutual funds

Understand what a stock ticker symbol is.

A - Class A K - Nonvoting U - Units

B - Class B L - Miscellaneous situations V - When­issued and when distributed

C - Issuer qualifications exceptions M - 4th class of preferred shares W - Warrants

D - New issue N - 3rd class preferred shares X - Mutual Fund

E - Delinquent in filings with the SEC O - 2nd class preferred shares Y - ADR (American Depository Receipt)

F - Foreign P - 1st class preferred shares Z - Miscellaneous situations

G - First convertible bond Q - Bankruptcy proceedings

H - 2nd convertible bond R - Rights

I - 3rd convertible bond S - Shares of beneficial interest

J - Voting T - With warrants or with rights

How to Look Up Mutual Fund Ticker Symbols

Use mutual fund ticker symbols when checking prices or buying shares.

Finance image by Kathy Burns-Millyard from Fotolia.com

A ticker symbol is a single letter or group of letters that designate a particular security, such as a stock or mutual fund. Mutual fund ticker symbols typically have five letters and end in “X.” Because mutual fund providers sometimes offer multiple funds with similar names, it is important to know a fund’s correct ticker symbol when looking up its price or placing a trade to avoid confusion. Mutual fund providers typically list their funds’ ticker symbols on their website, but you can also get them from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s website.

Visit the mutual fund provider’s website.

Click “Mutual Funds” or a similarly-named link to navigate to the mutual funds section of the website. This link might be listed among the provider’s other investment products, such as exchange-traded funds or annuities.

Click the type of mutual fund you desire, such as stock funds or bond funds, to bring up a list or table of those funds the provider offers. Alternatively, click the “View All Funds” link to pull up the provider’s entire roster of funds.

Find the mutual fund on the list and identify its ticker symbol. The provider might show each fund’s ticker symbol in a separate column or in parentheses next to the fund’s name. For example, if a provider shows a hypothetical mutual fund as “Domestic Stock Fund (ABCDX),” the fund’s ticker symbol is ABCDX.

Visit the SEC’s mutual fund search website.

Type the name of the specific mutual fund you desire in the text box labeled “Mutual Fund.” Alternatively, type the fund provider’s name in the text box to pull up all of the mutual funds the provider has registered with the SEC.

Click “Fund Search” to view the mutual funds.

Find the mutual fund in the name column and identify its ticker symbol in the far-right column.

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