expedia gold customer service

expedia gold customer service

Customer Service Department Toll Free: 1-877-787-7186

Customer Service Department Direct: 1-404-728-8787

Expedia.com is a web based travel reservation website, millions of people visit this site every single day to plan trips, wether if it’s for business or pleasure, this service will help you get there. For example, you can use this service to find the best hotels at the lowest rates.

The service does not only operate in the United States, it also serves the following areas:

I was pleased with the customer service provided by Expedia when I used the above number– very helpful.

I still have not received confirmation from United on my up coming flight. I purchase the round trip flight thru Expedia back on 2/15/15.

Expedia is an Internet-based travel booking engine. Originally owned by Microsoft, Expedia was spun off from Microsoft in 2001. Expedia uses major GDS platforms like Sabre and Amadeus . Expedia customer and technical support is offered by online support forms and forums only.

  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 3
  • Hours of Operation:
    • This information has not been added.

      It is my understanding that Expedia canceled sponsorship for the Laura Ingraham show. Im extremely disappointed that Expedia decided to become political! I have booked many hotels through your site but never again!

      We are being denied for Thai Lue Homestay in Baan ket, pua nan our Iti# is for now at the home stay please le me know what's going on? I need refunded back Chuedang Vue

      Went through expedia for gulf shores trip Oct. 6-8 2017. Hurricane caused us to have to leave 1 night early. Motel said no problem wouldn't be charged. Didn't know until recently that I have to go through expedia is there anything I can do

      I called yesterday because of a change of flight. I didn't get the one I wanted so settled for the one I was given. Today I received an email that asked me if iwanted the original one. I do but am afraid I passed the 24 hr cancellation policy. Also I printed out the itenarary and my name is wrong. It should be Robert C Stewart. As written it is Robert Srewart. Both the middle initial is missing and the last name is wrong. Please fix.

      Question: why cant we reach Expedia reps, in New Zealand? when there is a problem with the bookings, ( problems of any kind ) in order to talk to a person speaking English like we do (!)

      meaning: no problems off communication and understanding! Often it comes to. "I cant understand you" from either person. ( the caller and the customer service rep.) and frustration will mostly end a conversation.

      Solving a problems often leeds to a frustrating end and you ( the caller ) hangs up, or the customer receives a token, to be redeemed at your next booking. I my opinion that is not fair or correct and dose not solve a recurring problem. Speaking for my selves dont want the token, ( money or points ) I like to have that mostly easy problem resolved and not incurring again. This is the reason for me, calling , writing, via their website or speaking to a person I can not understand.

      Well Expedia this is a problem only you can solve ( if you want ) and be proactive.

      I exclusively book everything through Expedia.Have for years.

      This is the first time I've ever asked for a refund on an airline ticket. I was planning to visit a friend in CA but I found out he passed away 3 weeks ago. I have no need to fly there now. Expedia's response after talking with British Airlines was, "You still have to go, sir."

      Really disappointed considering I'm a Gold Member.

      whatever that means.Super bummed because now I'll be out $1200.

      Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of expedia gold membership and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1200. Expedia needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

      Other people also mentioned expedia gold membership in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Expedia.

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      All prices and offers are subject to change with availability. Hotel prices are per night based on twin share. Flight prices are per person. Package prices are per person, based on twin share. All taxes and fees (except any applicable mandatory or resort fees collected by the hotel) are included.

      ⁺ Sample prices are “from” prices and based on rates for travel within the next 45 days. Sample prices are subject to limited availability. Price will vary by date, length of stay, hotel selected, hotel room category, departure city, and availability. Additional restrictions including minimum stay, blackout dates, available room types and advance purchase may apply.

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      Reviews For Expedia Customer Service (14)

      Terrible service. No options to talk to a real person.

      Customer Service is terrible. I was on the phone for almost 5 hours trying to rebook my vacation package due to unforeseen circumstances. I am still trying to resolve this issue and I continue to get different answers. I would not recommend booking through expedia since the customer service is terrible.

      Going and returning bumped off flights

      Terrible service. No options to talk to a real person. expedia sucks

      worst ever. does not exist. what if you made a mistake and want to change something? cant reach them when you do they hang up on you.

      Never heard of it what is it?

      Rather than raising my blood pressure by recounting the whole mess, let me just say that I told American Express in advance that I would contest any charges from Expedia, since they left me with no avenues to cancel a reservation. They are just ghastly.

      The worst customer service ever

      After using them several times a wk for a business I will never use them or any Westgate properties again. Their customer service is a joke and they absolutely do not care about making their customers happy. They are charging me $160 for a room I confirmed twice but was not able to check into. Unreal.

      I just received an email with a fantastic subject line that said there's a Free Trip Giveaway yet there was absolutely no mention of the giveaway in the email. It's just a list of hotels, packages, and cruises. Definitely feels like an attempt to deceive just to improve some silly marketing metric. I'll book elsewhere.

      My wife & I travel several times each year BUT we will never use Expedia again. Because of illness, my wife had to cancel our next flight booked thru Ex. and apply the ticket to a later trip two months away. We combined spent 4 & 1/2 hours on the telephone before the change was made. My flight was cancelled by some incompetent staffer before eventually getting it reinstated, if in fact it is. This is not the first such fiasco we've experienced. Expedia should reimburse us the cost of the ticket to compensate for the amount of time spent & the frustration experienced in dealing with multiple staff members who do not do what they say they will do. Never again will we use Expedia!

      Horrible customer support internationally

      There is nothing to compare with poor customer support. Please book through the airlines directly, this provides no advantage and will leave you hanging out if you are to change your plans internationally.

      I called before checking into the hotels to change my booking. I spoke to four different people and received four different answers. I was told I would hear back in one to four days and I am still waiting.

      Expdedia advertises on their website Disney World tickets, 5 for the price of 3. I purchase the special offer, but was charged for the price of 5 days. The customer support people were rude and did not offer a resolution (refund of excess charged).

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