best place to sell fur coats

best place to sell fur coats

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Have you got a used fur you have inherited and have no use for, or perhaps one of your old furs at home that you now want to sell? Then you've come to just the right place!

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The Best Way to Sell Old Real Fur Coats

You can sell an old fur coat to a dealer who purchases used coats, take it to a consignment shop, go online to find a buyer or take out an ad in the newspaper. The best way to sell an old fur coat is to provide as much information as possible to the buyer. The method you use will depend on your objective. If you want to sell quickly you will choose a different method than if you want a higher price.

The appraisal value of a fur coat represents the value of the coat if you had to replace it. This price does not represent a selling price. Like cars, fur coats depreciate. They can depreciate as much as 18 percent to 25 percent for each year of ownership, according to

Factors That Determine Retail Value

The current market value of your fur coat is related to the depreciated amount, as well as the condition of the coat and the type of fur. For example, furs such as sable are worth more than light-colored mink. The coat must be priced at current market value in order to sell. Other factors that determine market value include whether the coat is made with a full pelt, paws or tails. The fur will be checked for matting, cuffs and clasps and whether the pelt has deteriorated.

Where can a person sell fur coats?

The best place a person a can sell his or her fur coats is on the Internet through sites such as eBay, BuyMyFur, Mano Swartz and A person should do research prior to choosing a good site to use. Sites that deal in buying fur coats will quote a price after seeing pictures of the coat or the coat itself.

Where can you buy miniature tractors?

What is the difference between inside sales and outside sales?

Where can you find used fur coats?

Some sites, such as eBay, allow sellers to quote their own fixed price for a particular product. A person can also let potential buyers bid on a particular coat so as to get the highest price. Before selling a fur coat, it is sensible first to know its value.

When selling to online dealers, one needs to take pictures of the garment he or she would like to sell. The product should only be shipped after contacting the dealer. The dealer will look at the pictures and provide an estimated price for the coat. If the seller is satisfied with the quoted price, he or she can then ship it to the dealer. Some buyers will want to see the garment first before quoting a price.

It is important to note that some dealers won't pay the money immediately. Sellers are provided a date or a particular period for payments to be made. Other sites have instant payments after the buyer opts to buy the coat.

How to sell old fur coats or granny’s fur Lady Fur’s tips as a real fur lover

How many of you have asked yourselves how to sell old fur coats or your granny’s fur that maybe you found in an old wardrobe but you don’t know what to do with? If I, Lady Fur, found it, I would immediately turn it into a cover, customize it, make it into a cushion or go to a furrier. But you? Do you love fur as much as I do? Or do you want to get rid it of it straight away? Maybe get some money out of old fur coats? Don’t worry. Everything is possible.

I will give you some tips to sell old fur coats or furs that you have inherited from your grandmother.

In both cases, if you want to sell the old fur coats or if you want to customize it, you have to know what state your fur is in. How worn it is, how old it is. You need, that is, to understand the value of the used fur.

Selling old fur coats or your granny’s fur: how? Here is Lady Fur’s guide.

  • Analyze your old fur coats with the sector experts: furriers.

To sell a old fur coats you need to be able to recognize it’s value. If you can’t do it yourself, go to a furrier in your area with your used fur and ask for a ‘sincere’ valuation, having them give you certification too. I advise you go to several furriers (like you would do with a mechanic). You can also do research online, it means you won’t be unprepared in front of the furriers (you will be able to at least make an estimate of the value).

If you find a Vintage fur coat like this DIOR 1950 CALL ME

The value of a old fur coats varies a lot depending on how it has been treated: If it has been loved and carefully kept in a cool dry place in your wardrobe it will probably be in good condition. (I have previously written an article about how to store fur during summer).

If instead it has been kept in the cellar or closed up in a box at the bottom of a poorly ventilated wardrobe, well, the fur could be WORTH LITTLE. Disappointed Furriers will evaluate the hide, the thickness of the hair, the colour, how many parts of the fur have been worn etc.

If the old fur coat is not in good condition I advise you to not sell it off cheap but upcycle the parts that are in good condition and make a vest or a cushion, a cover, anything. Fur has its worth. Especially if it belonged to your granny =)

Furriers will estimate the value of the fur and propose customizing it or buying a new fur and part exchaging the value of the used fur.

How do you sell old fur coats? Now that you have a rough idea of the value you’re half way there.

If I really had to get rid of it I would choose to sell it ONLINE.

To sell your used or rather your granny’s fur, as first thing you need to photograph the fur.

  • Take a great shot of your used fur.

Photos of fur should enhance the hair, the colour, the model. The photos have to show the fur’s allure, you have to be bale to see the softness of the hair, the shine of the colour, the charm of the wearer…only in this way will the potential buyer be unable to resist and you will be able to say that it’s a done deal. As long as you don’t regret selling your used or your granny’s fur at this point =(

Find a medium. A sales channel.

  • The time has come to find a sales channel to sell your old fur coats: if you choose on line, there are loads of e-commerce sites that can help you with the job of selling a fur, for example eBay, Depop Market, Make sure you include all the information about you and your used fur and don’t skimp on the photographs: they are your calling card.

The second route is to find a fur shop to value your fur and propose selling you a new one in the same shop or just buying it from you (which is very unlikely unless the fur is in excellent condition)

or a vintage market, you may get less but it would be a new experience.

100% sure you want to sell your old fur coats or your granny’s fur?

With a old fur coat or your granny’s fur you can do anything.

Used or your granny’s fur – what to do with it

Upcycle your fur: it can become a vest, a little fur can hem a coat, a cuff, a muff, a scarf, an accessory…a hat.

With used fur you can make a great suit for your dog, he will really appreciate real fur, or a dog basket, or a cover. I made a collection in fur for dogs, do you remember?

emilie my die with a fur dress

You can cover the books you have at home turning them into design pieces, border the tablecloths that you use at Christmas, adorn silk dressing gowns to use with your husband for special evenings.

I will soon be making a video where I will show you how to make and remake a fur with used or your granny’s fur =)

Miao Miao Lady Fur

First and only blogger in the world specialized in the fur sector.

wiseGEEK: How Do I Sell a Fur Coat?

There are several reasons why you may consider selling a fur coat. Before, doing this, however, you should learn as much about the coat as you can. Also, have your fur coat appraised before selling it, so you know about how much money it will fetch.

The first thing you should do before you sell a fur coat is learn as much as you can about it. Much of this information should be on the tag inside the coat. If the coat does not have a tag, or this information is not listed there, you will most likely need the help of a professional furrier.

Besides the obvious size, style, and color of a fur coat, you will also need to know some other information. Try to determine how old the fur coat is. If you bought the fur coat new, this should be easy. If the coat was a hand-me-down or if you purchased a used fur coat, you may need to do a little more research. When you sell a fur coat, age does not usually matter as much as what type of fur it is and how it was maintained.

Determine what type of animal fur the coat is made out of. Mink and sable are two very popular types of fur coats. These are extremely soft and silky, and they will usually be worth more than other types of furs. If the type of fur is unknown to you, you may need to take the coat to a furrier.

A properly maintained coat will also be worth much more. Properly caring for a fur coat usually requires climate-controlled storage. If you were not the original owner of the coat, try to find this information from the previous owner.

Getting an appraisal is highly recommended before you sell a fur coat. Professional furriers will usually be able to do this, though some may charge a small fee. During the appraisal, the furrier will inspect the coat closely. Afterward, you should be presented with a certificate or some other type of paperwork stating the value of the coat.

The Internet and your local paper are two of the best places to sell a fur coat. When placing an ad, be sure to list all of the information about the coat, including the size and style. Potential buyers will usually want to know what type of fur was used, as well as if the coat was properly maintained. You should also include at least one picture with your advertisement.

2) I have a monkey capelet in excellent condition. How much do you think this is worth?

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